Skinny Bitches

Skinny Bitches


While browsing the web one day a small advertisement intrigued me. It simply said, “Be a skinny bitch”. I could not help but wonder why anyone would want to become both mean and malnourished. Unfortunately our society seems to have come to a point where we are so overfed with images of the astonishingly beautiful and perfect that our senses have gotten numb. In our search for something more perfect, more beautiful, more amazing, we seem to have lost sight of the beauty of normality and replaced it with the extreme. Therefore, we can now get self-help books that give us thorough instructions on how to become extremely thin whilst acting like an insufferable know-it-all. The painting describes this dilemma very vividly. It is enchanting and at the same time uncanny. It shows the place where this is most visible, the runway, where models at the verge of starvation trot back and forth while an elite gazes up to them.