Oil works

The Oil works is a series of artworks made in 2013 – 2014. The artworks are contemplations of a world battling its oil addictions. The three oil fountains take a material that is a large but hidden part of our everyday life. The oil fountains are described below.
Oil leak is a kinetic sculpture made of black steel, pump and used motor oil.
Black Bile consist of one box 68x68cm in diameter, perched on top of the second box wich is 136x136cm in diameter. Finally there is a base wich is 3,4 cm smaller than the large box. The diameters are derived from Dürers Magic Square that appear in the engraving Melancholia I. The small box on top is covered with a slow flow of black oil. Sound of falling droplets and a silent hum of a machine make up the soundscape.
Oil fountain three consists of a can of tar and a metal box. The tar slowly leaks from one container to the other.

The Oil Drawings are a continuation of the work I did with the fountains. There is a series of abstract drawings made with black, thick oil that has been dripped onto paper.

Melancholic landscape is the only oil drawing that is made with a pen. It depicts a black landscape with a small quote to the research material for the works.