Me in the age of my mechanical reproduction

Me in the age of my mechanical reproduction was produced and exhibited in SÍM in March of 2014. The artwork is made of paper and is exhibited on the window of the gallery, with the front of the work facing the street. Therefor it is constantly on display in a public space. The images are all self portraits and they were upgraded every day the exhibition was open.

The title of the work refers to Benjamin Franklins famous essay about the value of artworks in a time when they can be reproduced mechanically, making reprints or replicas of artworks available to everyone. Me in the age of my mechanical reproducrion addresses a similar effect in persons in a time when we can create our own virtual selfs with a few clicks of a computer mouse. How does it effect my sense of self knowing that people all around the world can find information about me, my work and my friends and family through the internet? By upgrading my self portrait in this public space every day I try to recreate the upgrading and maintenance of a virtual self.

Day 1, 5th of March

IMG_1822Day 2, 6th of March


Day 3, 7th of March



Day 4, 10th of March



Day 5, 11th of March


Day 6, 12th of March


Day 7 and 8, 13th-14th of March



Day 9, 17th of March


Day 10, 18th of March


Day 11, 19th of March


Day 12, 20th of March


Day 14, 21st of March