I’ve been writing poetry for a few years now. I started writing and performing at poetry nights hosted by Fríyrkjan in 2011. Fríyrkjan were a loose collective of young poets eager to get their stuff out there. The atmosphere was welcoming, there was room for mistakes and the poetry nights had a tendency to pretty rowdy. The collective released three poetry books, Fríyrkjan I – III, and I had poems in the second two books.

After Fríyrkjan dissolved, mainly due to the poets in the group moving on to other projects, I started focusing more on the performance element of poetry, effectively moving into the realm of spoken word, although at the time I didn’t know spoken word was a genre in and of itself. I soon got involved in poetry slam projects and travelled to Heidelberg in Germany, Tartu in Estonia and Copenhagen and Aalborg in Denmark to visit poetry slam organisers and get to know how they conducted poetry slams.

Taking that knowledge and building on it I teamed up with rapper and poetry slammer Jón Magnús, and we started hosting poetry slams in Reykjavík in June of 2017. We are currently working towards building a self-sustainable poetry slam scene in Iceland.

Today I am active in organising all sorts of poetry events. You can book me to organise an event in your venue or workplace.