I started writing and performing poetry with Fríyrkjan in 2011. I was a part of two of their collective poetry books, Fríyrkjan II and Fríyrkjan III, and took my first steps in performing poetry on stage with the group.

After Fríyrkjan dissolved, mainly due to the poets in the group moving on to other projects, I performed in various venues, including a few times in Ljóðakvöld Hispursmeyja.

Vigdís Ósk Howser, the organizer of Ljóðakvöld Hispursmeyja, got me involved in a nordic poetry slam project called Drop the mic, and we travelled to Heidelberg and Tartu to get to know how poetry slam is conducted in these countries. Taking that knowledge and building on it I teamed up with rapper and poetry slammer Jón Magnús, and we started hosting poetry slams in Rosenberg Reykjavík in June of 2017. Read more about that here!

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Kría Kumbalds

Statement: Like a vicious vigilante of creation Kría Kumbalds storms through libraries swiping public property to insert her own creations into the tightly set frame of a mass printed book, only to return them along with the newly created art inside.