The summer of 2014 my friend Árni Þorlákur called me up to ask me weather I was coming to the festival he was organising during Verslunarmannahelgin, the first weekend of August. I hadn’t given it that much thought but since he personally called me to ask me to come then sure, I didn’t have any other plans. “Cool! Great!” he said “Would you maybe like to make a backdrop for the bands?” he asked and I said sure, why not. And thats how I wound up being the art director of Norðanpaunk.

In 2014 I had a limeted amount of time so the backdrop just had NORÐANPAUNK painted on a black background (mainly to cover the weird blue and glittery wall behind the bands).

Next year, 2015, Magnús Skúlason and I made a painting depicting the crucifixion of a bunny as the backdrop.

In 2016 I made a big partyhead and hosted an open art workshop in the hallway.


In 2017 I fully joined the organizing team of Norðanpaunk and took active part in organising series of warm-up concerts called Krossfest. I recruited Ágústa Björnsdóttir to make the 2017 backdrop and we collaborated to make a t-shirt for Krossfest, and all profit of that go towards making Norðanpaunk happen.


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